The Power of Printing

The growing advancements in technology are creating more possibilities in the printing industry that many people could never even conceive. Computers and imaging technology has given way to the technology that is known as 3D printing that has a serious impact on multiple industries both on the large industrial scale and even on the personal level as well. Today, 3d printing can be used to creating life size replicas of a fetus in the womb, punching holes in cells and fabricating human tissue as well.


The Latest Innovations

Researches in Scotland recently discovered how to apply 3D printing technologies for developing pharmaceutical drugs on a micro level opposed to similar practices employed on the industrial level. With the utilization of a commercial 3D printer and open-source CAD software, researchers were able to build custom-designed polymer gels which help build chemical reactions. Using 3D printing to create these customized reactionware vessels can help save money and time for manufacturers in the industry. By using loans direct for the necessary equipment, small researching and pharmaceutical firms or workgroups could eventually be manufacturing the necessary prescriptions on a much smaller and more efficient scale.


The Potential from 3d Printing

This type of technology could enhance the services in the pharmacy by enabling prescriptions to be manufactured on a as need basis per pharmacy one day. There are a number of regulatory and technological advancements to be made still, but this type of technology opens up a world of possibilities for this particular industry and others.


The future of 3D printing is certainly bright as engineers and technicians continue to increase the possibilities of this important tool. Understanding the power of printing can enhance the possibilities for any small business or manufacturer in the biology sector or pharmaceutical industry. Hopefully these types of technologies will become more mainstream within the next few years.

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