Proclaim Your Racehorse Allegiance With a Custom Shirt

Amazing as it may seem, some people actually bet on their favorite horse by the colors worn by the horse and jockey. But even more amazing is that sometimes they win.

It’s That Time Of Year Again

Should you attend a party celebrating the Belmont Stakes, you may consider wearing custom made silks or a shirt to support your favorite jockey and horse. Hopefully your horse has run well in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness so that you can get some extended use out of your customized shirt all the way through the Triple Crown; should it be achieved this year.

How Are Colors Determined?

In case you wondered, the colors that the jockeys and horses wear are determined by the jockey’s employer; the trainer or the owner. These are registered colors. There is every possibility that the wearing of colors dates back to medieval times. Knights engaged in the ‘sport’ of jousting wore specific colors as well. The first time that a jockey is able to wear their ‘silks’ is an important rite of passage in a jockey’s career.

Just a little piece of useless information (more of which can be found on Wikipedia): the winningest colors when it comes to the actual horse itself are brown, chestnut and bay, a little fact which is not calculated in determining the horses Belmont Stakes odds.

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