Personalized Printing Comes at a Price

For businesses and individuals interested in getting any type of personalized printing job, there are dozens of products and companies to consider, all offering creative ideas to either help promote your business, yourself or to help you print anything else you may need, from wedding invitations to graduation announcements to more business related products such as catalogs, brochures and postcards. But the business of getting personalized printing done can be mighty hefty, surprising even the most comfortable financial-wise businesses and individuals out there. Here are some helpful tips to keep on hand that will help you save the next time you order any personalized print job.

Save by ordering online, and with merchant services

One of the easiest ways to save on personalized printing is by ordering printing services through an online printing company (vs. a brick-and-mortar print shop).  Companies could save up to 50% this way, since most of the designing and ordering is done on a company computer using this method.  By making your personalized printing orders via a web site, you’ll be able save because your printing services are done in a centralized location. You can also print smarter by using managed printing services from companies like Staples, which provide businesses with can’t be beat merchant account services.  With managed printing services, businesses are able to regain control of their print environment by using eco-conscious and cost effective solutions, such as auto procurement of printing supplies, nationwide next day delivery and cartridge pick up, brand neutral solutions, as well as remanufactured toner and free recycling of paper.

Personalized printing can actually help businesses save

You’ll be surprised to know that personalized printing in many instances for businesses can actually help them save in the long run.  By personalizing any marketing documents you create, whether they’re fliers or other mailer-type items, they have a better chance at ending up in the hands of someone who may actually purchase your service, giving you more targeted mailings than traditional direct mail.

Personalized printing may be expensive, but with careful planning, it is a business cost that can definitely be trimmed.

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Screen Printing

Screen Printing For Your Car

Sometimes when you first purchased the car it does not have all of the options that you would like installed. That is okay because there are many things you can do to your car to improve the look. For instance if you were thinking of adding some pizzazz to your car then you have a few options when it comes to custom screen-printing. Screen-printing is an incredible art and it takes someone that is very skilled and professional to do that to a car. Therefore you should shop around and find the perfect person for the job.

Other Things You Can Do To Your Car For Improvement

Not only can you screen-print your car but you also can start doing research when it comes to the auto industry and create about all of the cool inventions and advancements there has been in technology for autos. You might be pleasantly surprised to see that you have several different options when it comes to installing new additions, such as getting new sensors that can detect when you have a problem with your car, or you can even get chips that will improve the performance of your car. The biggest thing you need to decide is what your budget is for all of these cool advancements.

Finalizing All Of The New Additions To Your Car

Once you have everything installed on your car it’s always a good idea to test everything out to be sure you have everything working properly. You also should find out if you have any type of warranty on your new equipment. If you do not have the warranty on your new equipment then you might take the time to see if one is available for a few extra dollars each month. Warranties are always something that is good to have.

You will enjoy all of the new wonderful additions in your car. Always be sure that you write great reviews about your experience and be sure to write about your positive feedback on the new products you have installed in your car.

Gaining Customer Referrals with Screen Printing

Where would today’s businesses be without a customer reference or two from some of their most satisfied customers? The answer is simple. They wouldn’t be… Anywhere.

Screen Printing At Its Finest

The higher quality work you put out the higher quality people will expect to receive from your service; the higher quality people receive from your service the more likely they are to spread the word about your service; and the more people spread the word about your service the more customer referrals you will get without ever having to pay for advertising. This is not to say that you shouldn’t advertise. But word of mouth in today’s social networking scene can achieve more than bought and paid for advertising any day. If you’re screen-printing shirts, put a little logo on one of the sleeves at the end of the T-shirt sleeve. People can always fold it up if they object to it; but it will basically serve as your advertising. The same can be said for jackets; on the back at the very top just beneath the collar is a good place for your logo. In fact anything that you print should have your logo displayed, no matter how small, somewhere.

Screen Painting A Banner

Never forget that at every given opportunity you should display a screen-printed banner wherever you can. If you run your business out of your home you may need to clear this with city ordinances first. If you run a booth at a fairground or village festival your banner should be loud and proud, proclaiming that you are one of the finest screen printers available. Have some free giveaways at your both to encourage people to remember you. And always—always, make sure that you are supplying your customers with the finest quality possible. Doing a great printing job on a crappy T shirt isn’t going to get your business very far. The first time someone washes that shirt and it shrinks to half its size; you will be to blame… Not your customer. What kind of word do you want getting out regarding your business? That you are one of the best screen printers around or that you use shoddy materials that end up shrinking or disintegrating in the wash?

Don’t skimp unless you don’t expect to stay in business.

Custom Printing on Wool?

I’ve heard of custom printing on everything from T shirts to underwear. But custom printing on wool?

Yes You Can!

It is possible now to screen print on wool. There is a concern that many wool products are dry clean only, and the effects of dry cleaning on screen printing may not be guaranteed. Is it done? Yes, absolutely; wool jackets are screen printed all the time. Embroidery is yet another way to customize wool without the worry of what effects the proper cleaning method may have.

When You Want To Be Sure, You Go With The Best

Woolovers Knitwear is a company that has been doing business for over 20 years. They have quality merchandise made with quality materials. Shopping online is something that almost everyone is involved in these days and by doing so at Woolovers website, you can receive promotional codes that can land you anywhere from 20% to 32% off. When you want to know if something can be done with an article of clothing you go to the experts. After being in business since 1989, this company is an expert not only in wool but in fashion as well.

Stay warm and stay in style with nothing but the best in wool.

Print Fun Customized Clothing for the Rehearsal

Before the wedding everyone in your weddingclan can sometimes seem very uptight because there is a great deal of stress involved in pulling off your gorgeous wedding. That is why it is fun to mix it up a bit and have a good time.

Funny Things To Print On A T-Shirt Prior To Your Wedding

You might have silly nicknames for everybody involved in your wedding. These nicknames could go all the way back to a childhood. Figuring out all of the nicknames for all of your family and friends can also be a great way to learn more about each other.

Let The Fun Begin

The night before you get married more than likely you are going to have a rehearsal. This is the time when you can give everyone their silly shirts with all of their funny nicknames. Be prepared for a great deal of laughing, because more than likely no one expected funny shirts like that.

After you are done with your personal everyone will be in a great mood and ready to get the wedding show started the following day and making it the best day of your life.

Custom Printed Leggings

Lions and tigers and prints… Oh my! Big hair may not be making a comeback from the eighties but leggings most definitely are in style again.

Bring Out the Animal in You

Zebra prints, various feline prints (i.e. tigers and leopards) in various colors other than what you would normally expect to see these animals in are high on the list of printed leggings. The prints can be the only non see through part of the design or can be printed on leggings that have a different solid color and are not transparent. Many animal prints are actually black, colored background; the crazier the color… The more desirable the leggings for women. Of course there are exceptions to everything. Picture if you will a lime green background; we’re going for a leopard affect here with red blotches partially outlined in black. If you ever see a leopard that looks like that coming at you it’s definitely time to sober up. That or pink elephants.

Weird and Wonderful

If neon animal prints aren’t enough for you there’s always the semi transparent graffiti and tattoo look. There are vertical or horizontal stripes, spots, butterflies, flowers, paisley, angels, newspaper print, classic paintings, psychedelic, scattered words in different fonts and patterns that are seemingly unidentifiable. Hearts, red/white/and blue stars and stripes (as well as other country’s flag designs), skeletal bones appropriate to human legs (from tib-fib all the way up to the pelvis and lower spine), snake skin and every 80’s freak’s favorite… Tie die; this is what the fashionable female is wearing in 2011/2012. Warm weather, cold weather, rain or shine; it’s the eighties all over again.

When it comes to fashion, the only thing that is absolute is the fact that style eventually repeats itself. Let’s hope that does not apply to the colonists and their white powder wigs. So embarrassing.

How Screen Printing can Help Your Business

In the business world, there are innumerable requirements for printed materials. You need memos and reports as well as signs and graphs, not to mention promotional products and other unique items. Fortunately, there are an equally innumerable number of advanced printing materials and techniques out there to fill these needs. One of the most flexible and enduring of these is screen printing.

What Can You Do With Screen Printing?

Screen printing itself is a time-honored process for image transfer. It’s simple, efficient, cost effective, and versatile, all of which are important qualities when it comes to competing against other technologies. Most companies opt to use screen printing to create garments. In this way, you can place your logo or your chosen message on anything from a standard t-shirt to a custom made piece. When the newly screen printed garment is worn, then your business is being advertised. Screen printing can be used to create uniforms for your staff to wear or gifts for customers and potential customers.

Screen Printing Options

Of course, clothing is not the only way that you can use a screen printed design to create and maintain your business’s brand. This is a versatile printing medium that can print in substrates such as:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Textiles
  • Paper
  • Ceramics
  • Metal

That means that you can adapt your design to objects as diverse as

  • Signs and Displays
  • Balloons
  • Printed Electronics
  • Decals
  • Thick Film Technology

Screen printing can help you to create a sophisticated and attractive retail or office space through the use of signs and textiles printed to your requirements. Or you could use a screen printing service to created branded products and promotional materials. The technique can be used to help your business to do just about anything when it comes to the fabrication of specifically designed printed materials. All you need to do is take the first steps to print your designs. Make sure you have enough ink, such as xerox 108r608.

Types of Screen Printing


Screen printing is a techniques that are particularly suited for flat surfaces. This has beenpopularly use as their business because of its demand. This are the types of screen printing.

Plastisol – this is one of the most common inks used in screen printing. This is kind of a suspension of PVC particles that was referred to as a plasticizer, a chemical additive that increases flexibility. This is commonly used in garments production because it gives good image clarity and it also has a plastic feel and appearance.

Discharge Inks –This will work by affecting the existing dyes in a garment. This will usually lighten them.

Flocking – this is a process that a glue is applied to create the image, then a foil is applied to create a shiny appearance to the design.

Water-based Ink – This kind of ink offers more penetration of fabric than plastisol-based processes and is employed when a softer is sought.