Personalized Printing Comes at a Price

For businesses and individuals interested in getting any type of personalized printing job, there are dozens of products and companies to consider, all offering creative ideas to either help promote your business, yourself or to help you print anything else you may need, from wedding invitations to graduation announcements to more business related products such as catalogs, brochures and postcards. But the business of getting personalized printing done can be mighty hefty, surprising even the most comfortable financial-wise businesses and individuals out there. Here are some helpful tips to keep on hand that will help you save the next time you order any personalized print job.

Save by ordering online, and with merchant services

One of the easiest ways to save on personalized printing is by ordering printing services through an online printing company (vs. a brick-and-mortar print shop).  Companies could save up to 50% this way, since most of the designing and ordering is done on a company computer using this method.  By making your personalized printing orders via a web site, you’ll be able save because your printing services are done in a centralized location. You can also print smarter by using managed printing services from companies like Staples, which provide businesses with can’t be beat merchant account services.  With managed printing services, businesses are able to regain control of their print environment by using eco-conscious and cost effective solutions, such as auto procurement of printing supplies, nationwide next day delivery and cartridge pick up, brand neutral solutions, as well as remanufactured toner and free recycling of paper.

Personalized printing can actually help businesses save

You’ll be surprised to know that personalized printing in many instances for businesses can actually help them save in the long run.  By personalizing any marketing documents you create, whether they’re fliers or other mailer-type items, they have a better chance at ending up in the hands of someone who may actually purchase your service, giving you more targeted mailings than traditional direct mail.

Personalized printing may be expensive, but with careful planning, it is a business cost that can definitely be trimmed.

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Always Save Your Online Data And Files

We are truly living in the digital age.  Many organizations and some individuals have made the move towards being totally paperless. There are many ways being paperless is advantageous.  First, it is good for the environment.  Less paper means more trees are spared, it takes about 100 years for many trees to reach full size, and less waste means less of a negative environmental impact.  While these are great reasons to go paperless, most business make the move for more self-serving reasons.

Paper Storage vs Digital Storage

Eliminating paper means a company does not have to store tons of paper files, which requires a lot of office space.  The storage moves from physical filing cabinets and warehouses to digital options like onsite hard drives and cloud storage providers.  However, there are issues with moving away from paper storage.  The main issue is securing the data.  When you store files digitally, it is essential that you back them up to prevent any loss of data.  A good data backup plan includes an offsite storage solution.  This is an important security measure because a disaster like a fire or flood onsite, can ruin your data.  There is also the threat of a man-made disaster such as hackers or an error by the IT staff, which can cause data to be lost.

Ways To Store Data

In the past data was stored off site in a process known as data vaulting.  Removable media such as tape or optical storage devices were physically transported or electronically uploaded to the offsite storage vaults.  This was an expensive way to store data.  These days many companies use the cloud for storage.  The cloud is more economical and much easier to use.  Data is uploaded and stored to an offsite location and accessible from any location.  Even if you store your info in the cloud you have to have a regular backup schedule.  You should also store in a redundant manner in separate spaces.  Your cloud storage provider should already use a redundancy method of storing your data.  Redundancy simply means replicating. Many actually replicate data three times.  This may seem like overkill but in the event of an outage on your primary storage device, you will have more than one backup device with duplicate data.  Cloud storage is the best and least expensive storage option for corporations and individuals.  But even if you use another method of storing backups it is essential to have some type of backup solution.  Things happen, systems fail, power outages occur and physical disks eventually stop working.  Backing up data is essential in an onsite or cloud computing environment.

New Ways to Support Smokeless Cigarettes

One of the coolest alternatives to smoking has hit the market and in a big way.  Electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to cigarettes that doesn’t insist upon the smoker breaking the habit.  Instead, the habit is still there, the smoker is just able to get the nicotine fix from a vapor rather than a smoke, and the only chemical contained in cigarettes that is coming along for the ride is the nicotine.  What this means is that when the smoker exhales this vapor, the nicotine has been absorbed and all that is exhaled is a water vapor.  If you are a business owner, allowing smokeless cigarettes in your establishment is a great way to bring in customers.

Whole New World

We are living in the future.  Many of the things that we thought were only possible in science fiction movies are now becoming a reality.  We have new ways to listen to music, new ways to look up information, new ways to communicate, and so it is no surprise that there is a new way to get the nicotine you need.  Using electronic cigarettes is the way people “smoke” in the future and the method of nicotine delivery that we should become accustomed to.

No Smoke to Offend

Since there is no smoke involved with an electronic cigarette, electronic cigarettes are exempt from the clean air laws in most places, giving people the freedom to use them whenever they would like, and the vapor exhaled contains very little to no scent at all.  What this means is that people who use these devices can use them in your establishment without breaking laws, offending your other patrons, or ruining any of your furniture.

Electronic cigarettes are really a wonderful tool for smokers, who don’t want to give up the habit but want to decrease their chances of smoking related health risks.  By allowing electronic cigarettes in your establishment, you are supporting this wonderful movement and letting these smokers know that you appreciate their choice.  Since they can now bring all of their friends, you are sure to appreciate their business too.

Show Your Support at the Belmont Stakes

Horse racing lovers all over the world unite!  It is time to once again see if any one single owner, trainer, jockey and horse can take the illustrious Triple Crown.  Very soon now we will see the running of the Kentucky Derby.  That will set the pace.  And of course the powers that be had to figure out yet one new way to confuse people in determining which horses are privileged enough (meaning that they qualify) to run in the three races involved in the Triple Crown this year, 2013.  It runs on a point system this year.

How do you Know Which Horse to Bet on?

Looking for information on the Belmont Stakes?   There is a plethora of information available online,, is just one of the websites you can log onto for numerous types of information. And here is an official Belmont betting site,, just in case you need to gather enough information to feel comfortable making a bet on the 2013 Belmont horses.

There now, look at you… You have all the information you’re going to need in order to show your support for the Belmont Stakes and other horse racing activities in the year 2013.  Don’t forget however that the Preakness and the Kentucky Derby will still be major contributors to the point system and to the possibility of a Triple Crown winner for the first time since 1978.  And of course who can forget 1973’s biggest Triple Crown winner ever that set records still unbroken – Secretariat.

Besides Betting, How do you Show Your Support?

Some people choose to wear the colors that their horse and jockey will be wearing for the race in order to show their support for their horse/owner/jockey/trainer.  Hopefully you’ve done your homework when it comes to all of those because in more ways than one, it’s not just the horse themselves that make the difference.  Some horses tend to run better on short tracks some better on long tracks.  Some race horses perform brilliantly on turf but not quite as nicely on dirt.  And seldom has there been a race horse that did exceedingly well on both surfaces.  Speaking of jockeys, the women’s movement got a boost as far as support is concerned way back in 1969 when a police escorted Diane Crump became the first female jockey to race professionally.  Why the police escort, you may ask?  Well as just stated, that was back in 1969 and some people were none too happy about the women’s movement.  Times have changed.  This year we had a female NASCAR racer in pole position for the first time in history.

So how do you show your support this year for your horse, jockeys, owners, trainers and the entire realm of the racing as a whole?  Special colored clothing?  Centering a vacation around one or more of the races?  Or by simply placing a bet on your favorite to win, place or show?

Creating Appealing Auto Insurance Banners

There are so many different car insurance rates out there, it’s hard for agencies to know what effectively captivates consumers’ interests.  Conducting research on the sales volumes and revenues of some of the most popular insurance firms is a great way to get started, on building a promising advertising campaign with banners.  Aside from insurance firms’ sales figures, it’s important to research webpages, SEO and Internet user behavior as well.

It’s important to do comprehensive research, before making any final decisions, about the best banners for advertising insurance campaigns.  There are vertical banners, horizontal banners and flash banners as well.  Creating targeted ads that focus on particular consumers is the best way to plan the design new auto insurance banners.  It’s best to make efforts on specific designs, in order to capitalize on niche markets rather than make general banners that are meant to appeal to the general public.

There are a number of third-party websites and services that are experienced in designing insurance banners that are intended to fit, for a variety of reasons.  There are companies that specialize in auto insurance, RV insurance and motorcycle insurance, as well.  Sometimes it’s best to hire an independent professional that can cater their designs, to meet your specific needs.   These banners can be effective in attracting new potential clients, by offering discounts and other rewards.

It’s always important not to get too caught up in focusing on an appealing design as opposed to putting pertinent information on the banner, like contact info or the specials and discounts currently available.  Banners are not the end all or be all, but they are certainly helpful for webmasters and entrepreneurs interested in potentially increasing the customer base and sales volumes.  Banners can be an effective way to increase business revenues, for both online websites and local insurance offices as well.  Even if you don’t have a website yet, using pay per click advertising or banners can be an effective way to improve the business at minimal costs.

Investing in banners is a low maintenance way to create a residual source for income; this is especially appealing in a high margin industry like auto insurance.  Using these banners on social networking websites and platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be extremely effective, in the onset of a budding insurance business.  Take the time to explore all of the different options available, with third-party services and independent consultants.

Custom Printing Ideas to Make a Baby Shower Special

Everyone knows that it’s better when something is personalized.  Generic is fine.  On the other hand, personalization takes time, thought, and effort.  Keep this in mind for your upcoming shower.  What will mean the most to the mom?  Probably not the baby shower games.  Sorry!  Instead, get her something custom.  Here are some popular printing ideas to select from.

Personalize A Onesie

At every shower, people bring gifts.  It is common to give clothing as a gift.  After all, every new mom needs a lot of clothes.  It’s not easy building a wardrobe for a new baby.  Any extra help is always appreciated.  Many people take the clothing a step further.  They personalize them with custom printing.  You can have a friend design you the perfect logo.  Then you can print it on a onesie.  You can even print a larger version for the mom to be.  This custom printing does not have to be expensive.  Instead, it’s about the thought.  Many moms to be get emotional when they receive something personal like this.


You can also create custom blankets.  Many people purchase a generic blanket and have it embroidered.  You can do the same thing with printing.  All you need is a great design.  Plus, the great thing about the blanket is the large amount of space you have to work with.  You can get creative and come up with something special and unique for the baby on the way.


Finally, don’t forget about the baby’s room.  Decorating the nursery is a major part of motherhood.  It can be fun to create a new space just for the baby.  However, it can also be expensive.  Fortunately, you can provide a piece of décor.  Print something personal that can be hung on the wall.  Many people do this with the first sonogram.  You can also wait until after the baby is born and create a keepsake that involves the birth date.

Have fun personalizing your baby gift.  There are so many options when it comes to custom printing.  Your mom to be will love what you give her and treasure it for years to come.

A Graphic Advertising Campaign Is A Must

Anytime you plan on doing a campaign for a job that you are taking you always need to be sure that you do the very best work possible. This means you also need to take a great deal into consideration. And advertising campaign always needs to have graphics so that the presentation can be excellent. You might even need to hire a Baltimore ad agency to help you get exactly what you are looking for so you are able to keep your client happy.

Outsourcing Work

There are a lot of companies that outsource certain types of tasks. The reason for this is because when you are trying to put together a complete package often times you do not have the skill set that it will require. Therefore outsourcing the work is something that is very common to do so you should never be embarrassed that you are seeking help elsewhere.

Pricing Your Work

When you go to pursue work you always need to be sure that you price everything correctly. You should always make sure you pay all of the companies that you plan on using to get the job done and then you need to add a percentage on top. The main focus is making sure the complete product is on a level that is nothing, but excellence. That is how you are able to have a successful business that does graphic advertising for all of the different political parties and any other campaign that needs to be launched successfully.

Having great graphics is not a difficult task if you know where to look. Hopefully the Baltimore ad agency that you chose will be able to do the job and you will have a wonderful package to deliver to your client with nothing, but praise.

Treating Your Customers Right

When you start working for PPI insurance company you are always going to have a great deal of work to be done each day. There are millions of people that are now inquiring about PPI insurance that they are covered in the event some type of financial problem arises in their life. As a responsible person that is employed at a PPI insurance company you should always take the time to learn all you can about your company so that when someone asks you a question you can give a great answer.

Educating Yourself

When you first start working for PPI insurance company always be sure that you have done all of your research prior to going into work about the company you will be working for. You also need to make sure you understand the entire process of PPI insurance so that when people are inquiring about what type of things are covered you will be able to answer all of the questions thoroughly.

Employee Training

Getting trained is also highly recommended because you want to be able to know exactly what you are talking about. Any time you have a question or you are not sure about something you should always ask your manager or your boss for more information. Giving out false information to be one of the worst things you do, so always be sure that you are correct when speaking to any potential clients or customers about getting insurance.

This is a wonderful career opportunity for you so you always need to stay ahead of the game and be sure that you are doing the best job possible. You will have a wonderful future if you do the best job you can and always know all of the questions and answers that will be asked of you during your job.

Mastering A Marketing Emergency

Effective marketing usually begins with planning.  What happens when plans go wrong and our marketing efforts fail?  Do we give up?  In the real world, these emergencies need to be overcome.  If not, companies find themselves out of business and out of luck.  Instead of closing your doors, adapt.  Here are some tips to help you.


One option for many businesses is a loan.  You can get a decent loan at  These loans can help you stay afloat – especially if you are a screen printing business in need of new materials.  Without money, you cannot afford the marketing materials you need.  Instead of giving up, get smart.  You can get the money you need with a loan.  This will help you overcome your marketing emergency.


In addition to loans, you will need the power of negotiation to help you through this difficult time.  You may not have the ability to buy all of the marketing efforts you need.  Instead, you have to stick to a budget and overcome your problems at the same time.  How do you do this?  The best way is to negotiate.  Talk to suppliers.  Figure out an arrangement that helps both of you.  You might even be able to negotiate a deal for new customers.  Many companies will be happy to give you a break initially.  Why?  They want future business from you.

Remember To Breath

Finally, in the event of a marketing emergency remember to breath.  Obviously you need results.  And if you are in an emergency, those results probably haven’t been reached yet.  The good news is they are possible.  Take the time to breath and strategize.  Come up with a solution that meets the needs of your marketing plan and your marketing budget.  Although it is an emergency, try to be calm and evaluate the alternatives before you make a decision.  This little effort might make a big difference for you.  And they will probably help you keep your cool and look professional at the same time.

If you are in the middle of a marketing emergency, use these tips to help you.

Are you a Super-Fan? Show it with a Unique T-shirt

zazzle_tshirt_v3You’re a consummate music lover. You carry hundreds of tunes around with you all day and your house is filled with concert ticket stubs, posters and; of course, t-shirts of your favorite bands and artists. You’re always looking for ways to show your fan appreciation of your music heroes. You’ve saved the crumpled program from the Nickleback concert and the stubs from the Jason Aldean Concert Tickets last month. So why not show your fan-attitude in some cool clothing?

Not like everyone else

At just about every concert, there are vendors selling all kinds of products from CDs to t-shirts; but you don’t want just the normal stuff you can find anywhere, you want something unique and apart from the crowd. There are several places on the web where you can create your own t-shirt design using stock band logos or upload your own design and have it customized for very little money. You can upload pictures of your favorite artist or maybe even a photograph of the Jason Aldean Concert Ticketsand a personal message might do the trick. Use your imagination; the possibilities are endless.

Don’t Limit Yourself

You can not only find shirts with pictures of your favorite artist or CD cover, but you can combine several artists and groups onto one t-shirt. A collage of artists on a shirt is bound to get people’s attention and show your passion for all the great music you love to listen to. Most t-shirt companies are willing to print almost anything on a t-shirt as long as it doesn’t infringe on any copyright or publishing laws. Check the web for things you can print and the boundaries that won’t get you in trouble from the music industry regulating agencies.

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